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Partner Strong: Know Your Role
by Pastor Merry Kendall

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Partnership is not optional for anyone that claims to follow Jesus. People of faith have always partnered with God to tell His story. He does not choose partners because of their abilities. No, God chooses His partners based on their availability. It is our turn now to be available and be a part of His story at this time in human history.

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gFree is a Christian church located just outside of Philipsburg, PA. We are relaxed and casual on Sundays, but we are serious about following Jesus with our whole lives. Our top priorities are loving God and loving people, just as Jesus taught. Whether you are following God or still figuring out what you believe, gFREE is a place you can belong and grow.

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Pastor Merry
  • Only in America

    Nov 20, 2017

    One of my favorite TV shows is “Shark Tank.” The show is a collection of eleven giants of industry, and each week entrepreneurs have an opportunity to present their products or business ideas to five of the giants known as the sharks. The entrepreneurs stand on the carpet to try and convince one or more of the sharks to invest in their products and/or businesses. I especially love learning about the histories behind the sharks themselves. They are tough, self-made multi-millionaires that started with nothing.

    Meet one of the sharks, Robert Herjavec. He came to North America on a boat with his ...

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  • A Campfire NOT A Spotlight

    Nov 05, 2017

    Sometimes I get a little self-righteous, and I start thinking about other people in a not-so-right way. I get a little judge-y.

    I recently had a humbling experience.

    I decided I was going to ask someone to a church event. In all honesty, I was feeling a little pride (like it is some huge achievement to ask someone to church) and also a little judgmental of my neighbor for not going to church. While I was talking to him, I found out that his wife has been seriously ill for a long time. I had no idea. In that moment, it was like God reached his hand into my chest and grabbed hold of my heart and...

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