First Things First

Join us for our sermon series, First Things First, each Sunday during the month of April.

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First Things First
by Pastor Noel Meyers

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We understand the necessity of getting first things first in life. For us to understand stewardship and God's place in our finances, we need to understand the things that are first. The first of all these is that the Lord is our Provider which we learn from Abraham.

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gFree is a Christian church located just outside of Philipsburg, PA. We are relaxed and casual on Sundays, but we are serious about following Jesus with our whole lives. Our top priorities are loving God and loving people, just as Jesus taught. Whether you are following God or still figuring out what you believe, gFREE is a place you can belong and grow.

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Mondays With Merry

Pastor Merry
  • A Big Misunderstanding With Big Consequences

    Apr 16, 2018

    For nearly twenty years, I have worked in churches.  I have heard many verses and passages misinterpreted over the years.  It happens.  I have experienced the words of a message taken to mean something never intended by the speaker.  It happens.  Most of the time, these misunderstandings will not affect a person’s eternal destiny.  But, there is this one misunderstanding that really bothers me, because it will have eternal consequences if it is not corrected.  

    The one that really bothers me is this idea that only certain Christians are “called.”  The misunderstanding is that only people that ...

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Guest Blogs

  • Palm Sunday

    Mar 29, 2018

    When my girls were little, the church that we went to did an Easter Cantata every few years. The highlight was….you guessed it….a REAL LIVE DONKEY!!! This was a huge source of excitement for all of the kids in the church (and I’m sure a huge source of anxiety to the cleaning people)!

    The preschool class always had the honor of following the donkey down the aisle waving their palms. This was especially exciting because they got to be barefoot in church; they got to wear costumes and wave big leaves around; and did I mention the real live donkey?

    I miss that excitement. Today I often take the se...

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