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Join us for our sermon series, Lost And Found, each Sunday during the month of February.

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Lost and Found
by Pastor Merry Kendall

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We find many layers of meaning in the three parables in Luke 15. In the lost coin, we find another example of God's persistent searching. It speaks of the Holy Spirit as he searches for the gifts given to the church in order to awaken them to great value. Listen and find your spiritual gift.

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gFree is a Christian church located just outside of Philipsburg, PA. We are relaxed and casual on Sundays, but we are serious about following Jesus with our whole lives. Our top priorities are loving God and loving people, just as Jesus taught. Whether you are following God or still figuring out what you believe, gFREE is a place you can belong and grow.

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Pastor Merry
  • Precious Memories

    Feb 19, 2018

    Spoiler alert!  If you are a “This Is Us” fan and have not seen what happened to Jack, do not keep reading!

    As I watched the latest episode of “This Is Us” last week, lots of my own memories came to the forefront of my mind as memories of Jack rolled across the screen.  As Rebecca took a bite of her candy bar, I remembered my initial reaction to hearing my husband had died.  As I watched Rebecca and the children pile into the car to go to the memorial service, I relived that day’s emotions – the reality of my family and me piling into the car to attend my husband’s memorial service.  It was al...

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  • Love Breaks Through

    Feb 01, 2018

    I (half) jokingly call this time of year “the long, slow march of death”. It’s dark in the morning, and it’s dark by the time I head home. It’s cold. It’s gray. The shiny luster of Christmas has worn off, and the new green of spring is nowhere in sight. In the schools, we slug through the third nine weeks, dreaming of spring break but feeling as if it is millions of miles away. 

    Funny how Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of all of that gray yuck. This day that is supposed to celebrate love and romance is right in the middle of the dark, dreary, gloom. Love breaks through.

    Now I’m not say...

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